Monday, June 11, 2012

Old Books & Pruned Fingers.

Last night I came across these tacky old tins I have for storage. I used them for storage because that is exactly where they would stay. Stored, Away. So I decided to cover them. I own some older books that the words of would never come spilling out of my mouth. Hoping that I wouldn't regret doing this as if this could be a million dollar book one day (exaggeration). I tore the pages out. Then I got my glue mixture ready- 1/2 water, 1/2 glue. My tins set to go and started on my decoupaging journey. Here is the out come of yesterdays (and the day before) project. 

I also decided to "attempt" a design with the paper... and maybe got a little carried away with the lids. After dipping and placing (and repeating), I took an art knife and trimmed under the lid and inside the container so I could close them. I set it out to let it dry over night. Then I took some day old coffee and wanted to give it a antique/distressed kinda look. I don't know if I would consider them finished products yet... I am debating on whether to do some designs with paint. I'll get back to you all on that. I also will be finishing them with a clear coat. These would also be great to make for a little girl as doll hat boxes too.

Here is a great idea:

                                                                    How to (click)

When I stumble upon some more tins I will be making a couple with some old worn out children's books along with a few of these chalk board paint tins. 

I have an idea for a design to be painted on mine, which will be on today's to-do list. 
Oh, and I almost forgot. Here is a close up of the picture frame that I decoupaged as well. I took the cover of the book (added a touch of the side) It was "My Old True Love" and placed it inside the frame. I also have a few more ideas for picture frames. Those will be for another day.

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