Saturday, June 9, 2012

Everything Candles.

    I have an obsession with candles... that is my personal decorating must. Everywhere a candle. Every store, to the candle isle I go. One of my favorite things about them are the millions of amazing scents. Although, I have yet to create any because all the pans I have, I use to cook with. It just seems like too much of a mess to clean out of a pot. I have however created candle holders. I went to dig out some pictures of older candle holders I got crafty with and I seem to have misplaced them (aka more then likely deleted them) which kinda stinks. I had some really cute ones I made out of old glasses with a vintage fabric wrapped around, then placed over the fabric was black gutter guard. Those will be added to my to-do list. However, I created some new ones yesterday. I think I have a habit of saving things that I have no current use for... my significant other despises this. Mainly because my glass jar collection takes up a lot of "valuable space" (That he isn't using anyways). But they will all serve a purpose one day.

    Along with my jar collection, I have been saving corks and old glasses. (If you are anything like me then a few in the set only survive.) Ive seen lots of cool things done with corks. So yesterday I decided to do my own cool thing.

I used a paring knife to slice the corks. Tip: Don't slice all the way through so you can get all of the cork with out risking a finger. Use scissors to finish them.  I used hot glue (My best friend) and a drinking glass, any size-any style.

The Pine Cone candle holder. I am in love with this one. As you can tell I just tore off the "pines of the cone" (?) Which is another one of my collections. I am beginning to sound like a pack-rat. Every fall after last. I would enter the grocery store and get a whiff of cinnamon. So last fall I had to get some of these cinnamon scented pine cones. Fall is my favorite season, especially for the smell of burning fires in the crisp autumn air and all the colors mother nature brings to us. These lost there scent and this is where they are today. I glued them to the glass and took some thin decorative sticks to wrap around the top. I think my mother would love this one. 

    And the joys of a another finished project. Here are some other creative crafty candle holders that will find a home in my house one day. Hopefully sooner then later.

Courtesy of

I am in love with these... I will make these one day soon! (Hopefully then later) I would place these inside my fireplace.

These outdoorsy candles I have actually made before. They were an easy craft project. Id suggest putting a green ribbon around the bottom.

I have no idea how I would make these wonderful works of art... But I will figure it out.

 I cant decide if I love these or just like them... They would definitely be an outdoor kinda candle.

These were on pinterest. So I have no idea who to credit. But they are amazing and these are going to be one of my next projects.
Finally... I think I found the inspiration for all those jars Ive collected.

If you have any decorative candle holder ideas. Please share!

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