Friday, June 8, 2012

"A Cup of Productivity"

    My first blog. Ive been "anticipating" when I would come around to creating this thing. Ive been admiring my aunts garden blog for awhile now... along with her words, photos and artistic ability in all things. Finally, after a day of boredom and aimlessly browsing the internet stumbling upon a few very creative crafty blogs... I decided to succumb to my own. Also, I must think I have stuff to talk about and to share to my fellow crafting/design loving sisters. So here I am.

   Yesterday (After getting much needed inspiration from those blogs.) I decided to start AND finish a project. I have a whole bunch of old scrap fabric that has been piling up over the years. Mainly old clothes and curtains. So I turned on the coffee pot, poured my self a "Cup of Productivity", dusted of my sewing machine and got to it. Now I like to think I am creative when it comes to crafting/designing. I also like to think I have a bit of experience... when I was little I would watch Mr. Dress Up and have my gear ready to start whatever crafts he and those creepy puppets were up to that morning. 

  (Mr. Rogers)
    Ever since then Ive been painting, gluing, sewing and creating. Well... and with growing up surrounded by crafty women I think it has molded my talents to where they are today.
    Over the past years I created a few decorations for the home and also attempted a few wearable items. (I have some pictures of such things but those will be for another day.) Ive piled up in my head tons of ideas I want to do and I think having this blog will help inspire me to starting as well as finishing them and completing a few that have been left undone.
    But back to yesterdays project. Last night after dinner, I decided to put those scraps of fabric to use and make one of a few different throw pillows I have in mind. I attempted my first fray and believe it was pretty successful. Please excuse the wrinkles... As soon as I finished this pillow I was so excited to get pictures up that I didn't even bother ironing it.

  My inspiration: We have a 1 1/2 year old English Bulldog.
 As well as always having a love for decorating with silhouettes.

  (Meet Darla! This picture was taken when she was about 4 months)

  (This is a current picture of her!)

    Now... On to crafts and gathering ideas for my next post.

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